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([personal profile] orin Jan. 1st, 2020 01:12 pm)
This is a private LJ. For the most part only the pointless fangirling and the pointless art entries will be made public.

Comment if you want to be added and all but IDK. D: You’re not missing anything as is! @o

(Should have added a small disclaimer- those already on my f-list will not be removed from it. asdghjkld ;; You guys don’t have to ask!)

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I see. So no more personal journals will be made public, right?
That makes me a bit sad as I know that we are not 'friends' but I can see why you might do that. So it's okay.
I'll read your fan girling and see your lovely art at least then ^_^ :hug:
Please take care hun!



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